Math Competition Prep

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We are excited to offer our Math Competition Prep program to help your child reach his/her full potential in math. This is our custom designed program that provides the necessary foundation for students who are planning to participate in various Math Competitions such as Math Olympiad, AMC8, Mathcounts, and Math League.

Here is a brief description of these competitions:

  1. Math Olympiad: Math Olympiad is a highly competitive exam that tests students’ knowledge of advanced mathematics. It is usually open to students in grades 5-12 and covers topics such as geometry, algebra, number theory, and combinatorics.
  2. AMC8: The American Mathematics Competitions 8 (AMC 8) is a middle school level competition designed to encourage the development of problem-solving skills. It is open to students in grades 8 and below and focuses on mathematical concepts and techniques that can be understood by students at this level.
  3. Mathcounts: Mathcounts is a nationwide coaching and competition program that promotes middle school mathematics achievement. It includes both a written exam and a target round, which involves solving challenging math problems in a fast-paced, oral format.
  4. Math League: Math League is a series of math contests that provides students with opportunities to showcase their math skills and to develop a love for mathematics. It is open to students of all ages and covers a wide range of mathematical topics, including algebra, geometry, and number theory.

In addition to providing a strong foundation in math, this program also covers past exam questions from various math competitions. This helps students to become familiar with the types of questions and formats that they may encounter in these competitions. Our experienced instructors will guide your child through the solution process, teaching them strategies and techniques to tackle challenging math problems with confidence.

Enroll your child in this program today and give them the competitive edge they need to succeed in math competitions and beyond.