English/Language arts

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English/Language Arts Course

English and Language arts are essential for a child’s success in the academic and professional world. Enrolling your child in this course can provide them with the tools they need to excel in these critical areas. This course can help students learn grammar, increase their reading comprehension, and expand their vocabulary. With a strong foundation in language arts, your child will be able to communicate effectively, write with confidence, and understand what they read.

Furthermore, the personalized attention that your child will receive in this class can help them grasp concepts and skills more quickly and thoroughly. The experienced tutors will be able to identify areas where your child needs improvement and tailor their lessons to meet those needs. This kind of individualized instruction can make all the difference for your child’s success in language arts and beyond. So, don’t hesitate to invest in your child’s future by enrolling them in this top-quality English/language arts tutoring program today.

Parts of speech

Verb tenses

Subject-verb agreement

Adjectives & adverbs

Relative pronouns




Coordinating conjunctions

Order of adjectives


Linking verbs

Irregular verbs

Compound subjects & predicates

Prefixes and suffixes

Context clues & inference

Idioms & phrases

Storyline analysis

Creative writing

Fictional reading comprehension

Analyzing characters