Mid-level Management Coaching is designed to drive performance, produce transformational results, and help managers navigate change and make better decisions.

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Mid-level Management Coaching

Companies often invest in coaching their executives and top-level management whose decisions and skills are no doubt crucial to the success of the organization. However, Mid-level Management Coaching is also extremely important to a company’s success which is often ignored. Our goal is to address this gap and in turn build future leaders. Mid-level Management Coaching aims at improving performance by helping individuals develop and gain new perspective, attitude, and skill.

Coaching typically consists of:

  • Gathering information and providing feedback
  • Identifying development areas
  • Building awareness
  • Setting goals
  • Monitoring progress periodically

Benefits of Coaching

  • Increases productivity
  • Serves as a morale-booster
  • Improves retention and reduces employee turnover
  • More effective communication
  • Enables individuals to perform well even in changing circumstances


Coaching tends to be anywhere from 3 to 12 months and is based on the individual requirement.

Sessions are strictly confidential between the coach and the client (person being coached).

For more information, please email info@mastermindma.com