Cognitive or Vedic Math Summer Camp – 2022

This program helps students understand thoroughly the place value concept and introduces pattern-based multiplication. At the end of the program, kids walk away with techniques to solve (mentally) problems such as:

78 x 72, 99 x 91, 101 x 107, etc.

And also tricks to find the product of numbers like 754789 x 11, etc.

June 20 – 24, 2022

Mon-Fri (5 days)

11:30am to 12:30pm PST


Grade 5 – Grade 7

We have seen students enjoy immensely while learning and applying these tricks. Overall, it’s an enriching experience. Apart from understanding the purport of the proclamation, ‘Math is fun,’ some even develop an appetite for learning which is the prerequisite for success in life.


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"My daughter thoroughly enjoyed this camp."

-Revathi, UK

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"A well-structured program that gave the kids an opportunity to look at math from a different angle."

-Parent, PA, USA

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"My son enjoyed learning the techniques & was so excited to note how quickly he can find the product of two numbers. He has begun to love math. Thanks."

-Ram, CA, USA

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"This was my daughter's favorite summer camp."

-Parent, NJ, USA
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"My son had a great time. Thank you!"

-Parent, TX, USA
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